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January 2, 2013

My Kind of Productivity --- Part 1

I must have been born with tons of inferiority complex. I think I am lazy, not really knowing how or why.

Once Upon a Time in the Early 1990s in Myanmar

I had to grade high-school-leaving, university-entering exam papers and to supervise some fellow graders. It's a tiring work --- 2 of our professors died during such grading seasons.

 I could not stop complaining:
  1.  This is not good for the government.
  2. This is not good for the department/us.
  3. This is not good for the students.
  4. This is not good for the students' parents.

 I offered to design a new system that will be nice for all the 4 constituents.

 Everybody just assumed that I hated long hours, detailed, eye-straining, monotonous, non-challenging work and so on.

Once Upon a Time in the Early 2000s in Singapore

I worked in a few software houses ... well, what do you expect? I complained but with some solutions.

  1. I hate kicking the ball hard unnecessarily.
  2. I hate running all the time unnecessarily. How come Romario, a Brazillian World Cup winner and legendary striker, runs less than the referees? And the Spanish players just dart about only now and then?
  3. I hate running fast for long. Why not run with a bit more intent?

Lazy is kind to myself, kind to you, kind to all, short and sufficient.

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