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January 19, 2013

Movie-Like Software and Our Chances

People and organisation seem to have an incurable amnesia. One day they say, "Software is king". The next day they say, "Software is commodity". And this pendulum swings go on and on. What is the truth behind this hype and reverse-hype?
Drucker's Predictions
Drucker has famously said that the IT Revolution has not even started yet. He described how printing business gave rise to publishing and other businesses and predicted that IT will give rise to many unforeseen industries.

Drucker also believes that IT will become like movie industry. By extension, it will be like publishing industry too.

Then, I want to ask:
  1. Do we, small guys, still have a chance? 
  2. Do we get access to technology, market and capital?

  1. Can we mount a realistic challenge to Hollywood? e.g. Hong Kong, Bollywood, K Pop, J Pop, etc.
  2. Can we pose a challenge to New York Times, Wall Street Journal? 
  3. Or do we need something like Chinese Government's multi-billion media initiatives to make any inroads?

Since software is becoming more and more like writing novels and making a movie,
  1. Can the next Harry Porter occur in Indonesia? 
  2. Can the next Avatar come from Vietnam? 
  3. Do we need a Silicon Valley or a Chinese Government to do well in the software market place?

I still believe we have a chance to become major players in software business.
  1. Because change is a constant and it is our friend.
  2. Or as our friend, Ko Moe Thu suggested, because we create changes that will stack the odds in our favour.

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