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January 18, 2013

Leadership : Timeless Basics

  1. What is leadership?

    James Kilts, former CEO of Gillette, answers: seeing targets and mobilizing people to hit them. It is no wonder that Warren Buffet said of him as one of the businessmen who gave him "No baloney."

  2. What if your targets are wrong?

    What if you didn't see so clearly when you set up those targets? Deng Xiaoping suggests ad hoc solutions and "groping for stones to cross the river."

  3. Caring

    Mao Zedong when he was still good, was caring. He said good-humoredly of his troops that The Red Army soldiers are good at running.

Myanmar history has also taught us that leadership is all about clarity, options and risk management.

Above all, keep in mind the 6 qualities of a Leader ('Na Ya Ka') expounded by Lord Buddha:
  1. 'hta-kywa' = energetic, energizing
  2. 'noe-kyar' = vigilance
  3. 'tha-nar' = mercy
  4. 'thee-khan' = tolerate, forgive
  5. 'way-phan' = feedback, comment
  6. 'htaut-shu' = support, provide, take care

Leadership needs to be developed and exercised at all levels in our time. I hope my short list of just 3 items has helped you in your leadership journey.

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