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January 10, 2013

jQuery and Online Learning, e-Learning

While in class, a teacher is watching her students at all critical times such as when she is explaining some key concepts, demonstrating some important procedures, trouble-shooting some common mistakes and so on.

In online learning, what could function as such a teacher's eyes? Some in-text quizzes to check on their grasp? Some webcam or screen-sharing technique?

When a critical mass of students are not paying proper attention to what she's presenting, she has means to direct or redirect their attention.

In online learning, what could work like such a teacher's mouth? Skype? Some audio clip, or alert boxes, or banner scrolls?

How do we answer such typical teacher's concerns as:

What are the students listening?

What are the students hearing?

What are the students imagining?

How can we track the students' eyes, gestures, and thoughts?

Don't think that I'm pointing you to some cutting/bleeding edge AI's. Maybe some cool PHP/Ruby/Python or javascript codes can achieve this with some well-thought out heuristics on your part.

I recommend jQuery & co.

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