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January 9, 2013

JIT Learning, Kid Learning

Peter Small, in Entrepreneurial Web, marvels at how his average-nerd or non-nerd son acquired skills to use a presentation software without his help, without reading manuals, or without any special training or courses. You too may have noticed how quickly your kids master their smartphones in no time!

He then generalizes this observation to how modern kids are coping with the complexity of their modern, gadget-filled world. He theorizes that this is the way for adults too to live with the complexity of today's technologies.

In a previous section in the book, he relates how in his youth in the post-War Britain, he and a few young men were thrown into the deep end to find their way around in the world of science, technology and engineering. That experience convinced him that JIT (Just in Time) learning is the right way to master a complex array of challenging subjects, and that a small amount of knowledge can help you realize an impressive, sophisticated goal.

I'd also recommend hands-on, immersive learning especially with science and technology.

JIT learning, or Kid learning is cool. Cool because you don't stress yourself out with unnecessary theoretical conjectures and wild goose chases. And because you get your feedback and validation at every post along the way.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance has also depicted how cool a Buddha would be with the innards of modern motorcycle engines.

So next time when you need to reset your smartphone's date format or email spam filters, etc, remember to behave like a kid.

Stay cool. Just do it. Get your hands dirty.

Above all else, go incremental, take baby steps, and dont' forget to have fun along the way.

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