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January 2, 2013

Jewish Ways | Open Obvious Secrets

The Jewish Phenomenon: Seven Keys to the Enduring Wealth of a People , the book that best explains why Jews are successful and how others can be successful too if they choose to.
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  1. Learn constantly.

  2. Set right targets: either money-making or fame.

  3. Pursue your goals boldly: mitigation of the worst possible plus assertiveness.

  4. Pursue your goals with sufficient mass/force.

  5. Grow your tribe: with consensus, for information or knowledge.

1. Expect high standards from your kids.
2. Nurture strong egos, high self-esteem.
----- Build close relationship with them.
----- Delay their independence.
----- Reward venturing.
----- If you have to scold/punish them, let them recover quickly. Don't let them internalize pressure.

If this is very obvious, that's the author's genius.
If it's not that obvious in the book , but obvious only in my summary, maybe that's my genius. Even when I don't add my own insight etc, I make stuffs a lot clearer, and simpler.

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