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January 19, 2013

How I Would Be Able to Run a Successful Technology Company

Nick Felker

on Google Plus asks recently

Hey guys. I'm a techie. I've built a few websites, although I'm interested in learning more about the business culture and how I would be able to run a successful technology company.


First, I'll scare you. But don't worry too much, I have some answers you can choose from.

"Scare" Part
(1) The first few partners/hires will determine your company's DNA.

(2) Stock options, company laws, remuneration packages, contract laws will take you 10 years to study and 10 more years to understand.

(3) Lou Gerstner: Culture is not part of the game, it's the whole game, from the CEO's point of view.

"Reassure" Part
(1) Matsushita : Out of billions of humans on this planet, how many hires do you want?

(2) Only 1st time treps want partners. After their first, whether they fail or succeed, they don't want partners any more.

(3) E-Myth Revisited : See an opportunity/biz as a product on a store shelf. If OppA requires partners that you cannot find, why not wonder up another Opp that doesn't?

(4) Find poeple you can trust, advice of so many books. This is not difficult. just fail faster.

(5) HBR -- Kiva the Disruptor article : If no trust, reduce theri risk and your risk as well.

(6) "Code is the best junior developer," some one says !!!

Satisfied? I can go on .....

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