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January 3, 2013

Dreams, Gifts, Talents, Bliss

This post is my signing off to the "personal effectiveness" theme. How important this last post is for YOUR personal effectiveness!

I'm referring to I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was 1994 and It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now 1998, both by Barbara Sher.

What Do I Do?

Follow your bliss, your heart, your happiness.
Do what you really love and enjoy.

Why Follow Bliss?

That's the only way to greatness. And in today's world, greatness is the only way to dominating a niche.

She defines greatness as what you get by dialing 10/10 on your gifts, and a byproduct of real happiness.

And "genius" as "having fun".

How Do I Find My Gifts?

  1. Check out your dreams, interests, longings and wishes.[Wishes are the messages your talents keep sending you],
  2. Check out your reactions to any new experiences esp. When do you feel like play or having fun? What made you look forward to going to work the next morning?
  3. To discover you dreams, write down Your Life's Highlights. See what lucky break you are wishing for? 
  4. To prevent holding onto a revenge dream, ask "If I were not hurt, would I still have this dream?" 
  5. Do you feel fun in the fantasy/visualization?
  6. What does meaningful work for you look like?Heaven-sent job? Job in Hell? The Reverse of Job in Hell job for you?
  7. What does a Perfect day for you look/feel/sound like?

How Do I Pursue My Dreams?

1. Just do it ONLY because you love it.

2. Just do it with the directness and simplicity of a child or a genius.
Do it before you are ready. Action gives you self-esteem and Good Luck.
---- (2.1) Visualize a perfect day for you. Pretend this is the only option left for you.
------------ What are the first steps you need to take to get there?
------------ Do you hear any Resistance voices? Action ALWAYS smokes out the Resistance from hiding.
------------ Assume there's always a good reason for everything.
------------ How do you reassure the Resistance?

---- (2.2) How short/soon does the Resistance feel safe with?
------------ 1 day? 1 hour? Can you take those steps for 1 hour?

---- (2.3) Declare love for what you did finish in that 1 hour. Any small unit of work deserves celebration.

3. Stick to it.

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