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January 2, 2013

Do Little, Not Much

While reading Game Changer, Doing What Matters, Execution, Boards That Deliver, Business Richard Branson Way, Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? etc, I noticed certain small numbers:

1-2 critical choices,
1-2 strategic priorities,
3-4 goals, few enough to do trade-offs effectively in a decentralized decision-making environment,
3-4 skills required in a job applicant,
5-6 critical success factors for a workforce to be preoccupied with day to day,
5 priorities for the board,
5 core strengths for an enterprise, etc

With examples from P&G, IBM, Honeywell, Virgin, GE etc.

I suggest you aim to get just 3 or 4 things done every day.

TimFerriss suggests just 1 or 2 outputs everyday.

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