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January 17, 2013

Craig Mundie,Microsoft, and Expensive Business Lessons

Craig Mundie, Microsoft's chief research and strategy officer, during a recent visit to Singapore, shares these pithy business and technology lessons with us.

Before I discuss his lessons, I suggest he/MS change his job title to "chief strategy and research officer". That they have not done so already implies that they haven't learned or taken their own lessons seriously.

  1. MS has 900 Ph D scientists., "the world's largest R and D unit."
  2. It has many very strong and cutting edge technologies.
  3. MS was sort of the first to invent tablets and smartphones.

  1. MS failed to exploit their pioneering inventions of  tablets and smartphones in early 2000s. The products were "heavy" or "cumbersome."
  2. MS failed to do "great execution in some categories " of their product lines.
  3. Specifically MS failed to  coordinate different research groups, to design lusty products, to market well.

Now, why is Mundie still called "chief research and strategy officer"? Is research still more respectable than strategy in our beloved Microsoft?

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