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January 15, 2013

Conceptual Blockbusting : A Book Review

I'm referring to Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide To Better Ideas by James L. Adams.

I have adapted the key ideas of the book to my audience here : primary and secondary or high school students.

Perceptual Blocks

  1. Failure to see correctly the boundaries and constraints of the problem
  2. Failure to use many different points of view

Emotional Blocks

  1. Fear to take risks, make mistakes etc
  2. Fear of chaos, ambiguity, messiness etc
  3. Judging or analyzing too early, rather than generating ideas
  4. Inability to relax and wait and trust the process

Intellectual Blocks

  1. Inability to define and express a problem in many different ways, especially, in words, in numbers/formulas, or in picture/images/imagery etc

This is a wonderful book. Even our deliberately partial list will help solve 85% of your or your child's thinking and problem-solving hassle.

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