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January 9, 2013

An Online Programming Community and their Members

Here is a verbatim invitation to the  Singapore Python User Group on Facebook.

I admire the source code of Django, Tornado, NLTK, boto, etc. As many of the world greatest coders in history advise, their logic/code is "dumb" and therefore good.

When I coded shopping carts, CRUD websites etc, my logic/code stayed "dumb" and good. But when I moved even a bit farther, e.g. FSM with Pygame, an expert system etc, my logic/code became "clever," complex and unstable.

I've thought about and studied this for years.

Our team is training to be a world leader in software -- both biz-wise and techno-wise. Anyone interested in becoming better programmers are welcome.

We are humble to learn and generous to share.

Love and Thanks to all.

I'll let you see and hear how they respond in a few days' time.

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