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December 28, 2012

Why Is it So Hard to Blog?

on May 21, 2011

No matter how we classify/categorize blogs, it is difficult to keep on blogging.
  1. Team vs individual. If you go team, then you have to hire and pay.
  2. Current/commentary vs analysis/insight. If you choose current, you've got to keep up.
  3. Humor vs serious. How many new jokes can you think up every morning?
  4. Unfocused vs focused

Focused, Serious Insights by Individual

This is the most hopeless approach, incidentally, mine.

  1. We cannot go beyond a million lines to discuss a problem.Charles Simonyi talks about that here. He's talking about software application, but it applies to blogging too. Even encyclopedias have about 1000 pages. Do we have more than that to say about a topic? 
  2. David Ogilvy noted that about 800 words were enough for advertising concepts and theories, in The Art of Writing Advertising
  3. Michael Masterson remarks in Ready Fire Aim that you need to read about 3 books to become experts in any field.
  4. Suntzu has about 13 small chapters for military, so does Sun Bin approximately. 
  5. Finally, Buddha has summarized all the way to Nirvana in a small number of pages.

Unless You Choose the Perennial Popular

Some examples that come up to mind :
World Oldest Dog died in Chile
Eating chocolate helps reduce weight
Avoiding chocolate helps reduce weight
How to raise a well-behaved cat
Cats are more intelligent than dogs
What happens to your brains when you sleep with music on ...

Paris Hilton with her Burmese/Vietnamese/African/Chinese Lover
Genes can tell how rich you can become
Genes cannot tell how rich you can become
President Obama was a muslim


And I CHOOSE not to write such perennially ever-greenly popular topics.

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