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December 20, 2012

Vision for Our Business

In the middle of the 1990s, I started my IT career with the following visions. At that time, I was a greenhorn, a noobi, a rookie in IT matters.
  1. Extract information and create knowledge from unstructured data.
  2. Represent human beings in computer/virtual worlds, all in terms of BDI (beliefs, desires, intentions), model/world-views, and approaches."
Now they look too academic, too broad, too ambitious, too out of touch with real lives, real users, real problems, and real money.

It's as if I am setting up myself and my team for failure, by over-extending too far.

Can We Set Up Ourselves For Success?

  1. We can divide each vision to dozens of small products, services or applications. Such a web application does not need many man-months, and such resources are not beyond our means.
  2. Each such application must solve some real problems for some real users. For instance, blogging, tweeting, searching etc have proved useful to real lives. We are not doing such services here, I show them as examples only.
  3. If we can go viral, we may not need a large budget for marketing and promoting our apps.
  4. How many applications do we need to sacrifice, let others copy, before we make money, get big enough to fight back?
We are getting there.

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