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December 21, 2012

Two Free Tuition Classes for Raffles Institution Students

Most of Raffles Institution Students cannot be cool. Goh Zuo Min said in Oct 23, 2012, today paper:

"Students usually keep their notes to themselves, and even tell schoolmates the wrong things to study..."

Thus, my Free tuition classes for all JC students:
  1. Kindness for Non_rivals
  2. Kindness for Rivals
The first class is easier and higher than the second. If you pass the first, the second is not necessary for you. (This course design betrays my 3000-plus years of age.)

Kindness for Non_rivals

We need to define rivals very specifically. That is, very narrowly. How narrow? How about Sein Baydar, a pre-war famous Myanmar musician?

"Today's Sein Baydar is competiting with yesterday's Sein Baydar..."

All 3000-plus-years old people know that Kaizen/continuous improvement was  not invented either in Myanmar or Japan.

So, who are your rivals, Raffles Institution Students?

Kindness for Rivals

If you still have rivals other than yourself, you need to take this second class. Here I teach self-cannibalization.Again, all 3000-plus-years old people know that it was not invented by Tom Peters, or any other American management gurus.

When I was in high school or Uni, I passed around notes to anyone interested. Those notes were my current best. But they were getting obsolete in a few days' time because I kept working on them.

Can't you let others score good marks while you can score excellent marks?

Even with the same notes, cannot you rely on your intuition, your native wit to give you brainwaves during the exam? When will you train your intuition if not when in schools?

Even with the same notes, cannot you rely on your luck?  All 3000-plus-years old people know that all good people are lucky.
Uncle is sad. Uncle can share a lot with you about good competition. Good luck!

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