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December 20, 2012

Settling Old Scores for New Years, for New Lives

I have settled all these scores unconsciously many decades back.

If I Had Done Well in Medical College

Then I became a doctor. Then, I would gradually admire those who sell blood-purification herbal powders, balms, cough syrups, itching powders etc -- yes, there are solid reasons for this admiration -- and become a sort of chemist. Given our backwardness and isolation in my days, I may work like Ms Tu Youyou and unearth some "Emergency Prescriptions Kept Up One's Sleeves."

Cracking medical recipes, understanding chemical compounds, testing ... THAT IS ALMOST IDENTICAL to what's I'm doing right now. Irony!

If I Had Taken Maths in the Regional College

Then I became an RIT engineer. That route would lead to my current destination even faster than the medical route.

If I Had Been Allowed to Study Chemistry in the Second Year

Then I became an IC(Industrial Chemistry) grad and then an RIT engineer. The same effect as Route 2.

If I Had Been Awarded Scholarship to Do a PhD in Theoretical Linguistics

Gazder? Terry Winograd?Fodor? The same effect as Route 2.

Delightful Irony

Medical Route. Maths Route.
Industrial Chemistry Route. Theoretical Linguistics Route
And the actually-happened Route.

They, like all roads, have actually led to Rome. Irony, but delightful irony,

Like Wreck and Jerry Yang's character in Hot Shot TV series.

All has been settled.

Good Luck to you all, and


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