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December 20, 2012

Product Strategy and UX: Admiration: the Bump iPhone App

In a recent FastCompany's Article, we read this:

Consider Bump, an app that lets users swap data between phones simply by bumping them together. Its cofounder, Dave Lieb, notes that in the first dotcom rush, online enterprises had to build their infrastructures from scratch, so engineers were paramount. In our app economy, everything has changed. Bump had 1 million users before it spent $1,000. It didn’t need infrastructure, thanks to Amazon’s server-hosting service; it didn’t need advertising because of social media; and the App Store solved any distribution problem. Development was a breeze, too, because of Apple’s software developer kit. "These are all things that used to cost millions," Lieb says.

That is profound. It should open our eyes as well as our minds.

Yes, there are caveats:
  1. We are not headquartered in America.
  2. We have missed that wave.
Then, there are counter arguments:
  1. There are customers outside America, too.
  2. Missing one wave is no big deal. There are new waves almost every month or year.

Can we build an app like that outside America too? In places near where I'm living?
And I also read that mix/matching API's can be easy too:

For our geo-search API, we used PostgreSQL for many months, but once our Media entries were sharded, moved over to using Apache Solr. It has a simple JSON interface, so as far as our application is concerned, it’s just another API to consume.

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