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December 25, 2012

New Software Product Development --- My Proofs - Part 1 of 100

A Hot Web Application

I happened to read a recent Life Hacker book and browsing its pages, found the following app.

Don't Break the Chain

The site describes the app as follows:

This is based upon a motivation technique purportedly used by Jerry Seinfeld. Read about it here. The Short Version:
  1. Pick a goal.
  2. Mark off the days on which you work toward that goal.
  3. Use your chain of marked off days as a motivator.

You can read more about its inspiration at Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret and at Don’t Break the Chain - Jerry Seinfeld's Method for Creative Success

There are apps for different platforms too:  IPhone App ,  IPhone and iPad apps .

My Intent

The fact is I've watched all the 9 seasons of Jerry Seinfeld for a couple of times. So has my son.

  1. I can get about 10 more apps from Seinfeld character.
  2. I can get about 10 more apps from George Costanza character.
  3. I can get about 10 more apps from Kramer character.
  4. I can get about 5 more apps from Elaine Benes character.
  5. I can get about 5 more apps from Newman character
  6. and so on.
Maybe my son has some more apps different from mine.

  1. And what about Charlie Chaplin?
  2. And what about Buster Keaton ?
  3. And what about Fatty Arbuckle?
  4. And what about Jim Carrey?
And for that matter:
  1. What about Clint Eastwood?
  2. And what about Kung Fu series?
  3. And what about Bond movies?
  4. And what about Jackie Chan?
  5. And what about ... ?
  6. And what about ... ?
  7. And what about ... ?
Such apps are small and therefore won't take too long to code.

If you have some time to spare, we want you to work with us.

Of course, we won't spend the rest of our life doing such small apps.

But before we do the next Google, the next Facebook, the next ... Insert any big and famous name here ... we want you to work with us.

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