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December 22, 2012

Jobs in Software Startups

For the time being, what kinds of jobs are hot in Silicon Valley? I made a random check.


Engineering and product development have the highest ratio of jobs to applicants, followed by IT (in general), quality assurance and testing, and sales. On the other side of the curve, administration, HR, manufacturing, and operations have the highest ratio of applicants to jobs.


Idea generation, shape features, repositioning, market fit, competitive landscape, research. dynamite Sales & Biz Dev

  1. What problem does it solve?
  2. How many customers have the said problem?
  3. Are the customers willing to pay to solve the problem?
  4. Who is going to buy the darn thing and will they pay enough for us to be profitable?
  5. Does this solve the problem the way the customers expect it to work or do they have to change their ways?
As a product manager, it is your role to think like a customer and then inform engineering what problems need to be solved and how. You can advise engineering in terms of customer expectations in terms of scalability and performance.

But it should be engineering’s sole responsibility to figure out how to architect/design the product to solve the problems a product manager has identified.


 ... in my opinion, following roles define an essential startup team: ◦Content expert ◦Analytics and marketing expert ◦Designer ◦Engineer

 Update/note/disclaimer: As pointed out in comments, at extremely early stages, product/market fit is what you should be aiming at and for that matter “product manager” (which is founder in most cases) is the person who will test and refine the startup until that fit is achieved. The team I describe is relevant once you know you have discovered the right market and have a pretty good sense of what product is going to look like.


SVPG Silicon Valley Product Group

Product Discovery / Pursuing Minimum Viable Product
Learns About Customer Behavior: With User Testing and A/B Testing
Communicates With Stakeholders: With Prototypes
Secret Weapon: User Experience
Strives To Create: Value (because it's the best path to sustained profits)




Very amusing. Certain type of people should avoid all kinds of start-ups like a plague.

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