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December 19, 2012

Invitation to Programmers

on November 21, 2010

We are going to develop an application for primary and secondary students all the world over. It's a free app with premium services for paying users.

We will do it in Python(Django or Google App Engine.) If your team have experience in the language(Python), please contact us. Platform/framework experience is not that really necessary since the learning curve there is not that steep. However, if you lack the relevant platform/framework experience, you must be prepared to learn fast.

We have the following features in mind, are your team comfortable implementing them?

1. Read uploaded excel/CSV files, and store data in database.
2. WYSIWYG editor with image uploads e.g tinymce, fckeditor
3. draw graphs and charts
4. send SMS to users' phones
5. accept user's payment thru Paypal's IPN
6. categorization and search by tags
7. site search
8. quiz(multiple choice)
9. tracking user's usage, achievement, and thus progress

And the typical features
1. signup, login, logout
2. role assignment and differentiation: guest, free registered user, paying premium user
3. email
4. file upload and download

Are your team comfortable implementing them?
1. How long will you take to do it?
2. How much would you like to charge us for the app?
3. Will you be also available for enhancement and maintainence?

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