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December 19, 2012

Internet Etiquette : Spare Our Time

The Stackoverflow site has been introduced to avoid the Google Loop, regarding programmers' queries.

There are many more such loops and a majority of them are caused by human beings themselves.

If you try searching "how to measure web marketing," "how to measure online marketing," "how to measure Internet marketing," for instance, you will find that the materials online didn't give you any specific answers.

What is worse is that you discover that only after some hours.

If we impose Twitter-like restrictions on Internet/web content, that will save us a lot of time. I suggest a "500 words or less" restriction.

We, here at ethicminds are polite. We won't waste your time.

For the above the query, all you need is just these 2 books :

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics and
Yahoo! Web Analytics Book

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