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December 29, 2012

Effectiveness | Dell | Obvious Open Secrets

Effectiveness is an open secret. Everyone knows what it is and how to achieve it. But the will and the courage distinguish the real deals from the posers. For instance, Michael Dell didn't even consider their formula for corporate success a secret worth keeping. He openly shared it with everyone including rivals. I hope we can learn from him how to achieve our personal or corporate effectiveness.

I'm referring to How Dell Does It
  1. Play where you can win : where there is profit and growth, where your business model has an edge, where you have vendors providing standard-based components.

  2. Execute.

  3. Use metrics everywhere.

  4. Adapt your organizational structures, your people(e.g. segment/modularize their responsibilities), the info flow in response to the markets and the technologies.

In other words,
1. play where you can win and
2. do play there.
3. monitor how you play and
4. adjust.

If this is very obvious, that's Dell's genius.
If it's not that obvious in the book , but obvious only in my summary, maybe that's my genius.

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