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December 28, 2012

Clear Writing, Clear Thinking, Clear Loving

"Clear Writing comes from Clear Thinking."
A cliche, so boring.

Is thinking clearly alone enough for clear writing?
Are language, words, grammar, syntax, tone, voice, diction, intonation accent, stress, enunciation, phonics alone enough for clear communication?

Just three examples.

  1. When a Physic/Maths/Chemistry teacher finds many students confused who do you think s/he usually blame?

    Contrast this with Richard Feynman's remark: "If we cannot make a subject understandable to freshmen, we really don't understand it."
  2. What happens when investment schemes, financial products become so confusing?

    Contrast them with Warren Buffet's business models.
  3. When a politician finds many voters confused who do you think s/he usually blame?

    Contrast this with Lincoln's remark on his own style of clear communication. He always kept in mind the annoyance he felt in childhood with confusing passages.

Conclusion(as usual, coming fast)

If a policy is hard to explain, don't try to explain it harder, Not even try to explain it better.

Why not rebuild, re-conceive your policy, (if justified) in radical ways?
(I'm here talking about Insurance policies! Not political policies ;-) )

"Clear Writing comes from Clear Thinking comes from Clear Loving."

I love you. Is that quiet but still clear?

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