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December 22, 2012

Branding the Easy Way, the Lazy Way

The Usual Ways about Making Brands

USP (unique selling proposition)?
Competitive advantages?
Core competencies?


Why would customers buy from me?

Even More Simpler

Joe Girard: Would I buy from me?
Guy Kawasaki: Develop for the customer of one, i.e. yourself.

Why Would I Buy from Me?

Not when I promote weakly.
You can read this guy like an open book. Weak promotion reveals as clearly as daylight that he doesn't see his own product as very useful or as a very good value.
Yes, when I promote persistently. My Reasons will be:
  1. He's lazy. His products will be very convenient for me.

  2. He's very kind. His kindness overcomes his laziness. Thus laziness results not in sloppy, shoddy, shady products but short, sweet, sharp products. In other words, maybe "half-products, but not half-assed products".(Echoing a director from Google as quoted in Business 2.0)

  3. He's very kind. His kindness overcomes his stinginess. He will give me more than I pay for.

  4. He's very kind. He already understands my needs very well or he will very quickly.

  5. He's very kind. He won't teach me a thing he himself doesn't know really well.

In conclusion: I will buy from me because my products will be
  1. reliable

  2. convenient in terms of price, use, place, brain-effort, stress, image etc.

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