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December 21, 2012

Admiration : Instagram

Importance of Networking

“Who’s, like, the smartest person I know who I can call up?” Mr. Systrom remembered thinking. ...a former chief technology officer at Facebook ... Mr. D’Angelo became Instagram’s lifeline.       

Mr. D’Angelo, a 2006 graduate of the California Institute of Technology, helped him find engineers, set up databases and flesh out features.


Instagram took off like a rocket, in part because Mr. Systrom had whipped up demand. ... Mr. Systrom let some influential technology bloggers and contacts, like Mr. Dorsey of Twitter, try a test version of the app before its official release.

One Billion in Two Years

How Instagram founder Kevin Systrom became insta-rich

Insta-Techno Stack

  1. Keep it very simple
  2. Don’t re-invent the wheel
  3. Go with proven and solid technologies when you can

Choosing Technologies for Your Web Startup

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